Embrace Risk, Secure Success

We blaze a unique trail in the global gambling industry. Uncharted territories are our playground. Offbeat solutions are our way to lightning-fast expansion.
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Who We Are

Our mission is to innovate entertainment boldly, adopting risk as a part of our winning strategy. We aspire to crash into markets with style, all while running operations that make efficiency jealous.

Embracing risk

We nurture wild creativity and daring initiatives to dance with the ever-changing world, and we dance profitably.

Pushing boundaries

New countries, new markets, oddball brand partnerships, and tech innovations - we'll make your head spin by cutting edges.

Fostering our tribe

We snag industry talents, onboard exceptional ambassadors, and spark bold collaborations to shake up the iGaming scene.
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Where we are operating

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Redefine and shake up igaming with our team!
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Meet our leaders

Our top leaders are not your typical corporate types. They're the true believers, the ones who are super passionate about our product. They're like the hype generators, always pushing the envelope and setting the bar really high!
Maksym Potomkin
Chief Executive Officer Risk Inc.
Andrii Kariakin
Chief Marketing Officer Risk Inc.
Olga Mykhailenko
HR Director Risk Inc.
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